These Eyes Have Seen A Lot

These eyes have seen a lot over the past 4 decades. They have seen much happiness, disappointment, anger, pain, disbelief and beauty.

The things these eyes have seen has molded the whole body into a wonderful, funny, creative, patient and intelligent human being.

Birth is not the beginning of your life. Life is the beginning of your birth. It is through the life of, in my case, a man and a woman. The relationship they forged in their youth is why I am here.
Their relationship was most likely one-sided at most. But, it was enough to give them  another three sets of eyes. Those three are living and developing into wonderful human beings. Of the four sets of eyes, created by Willard and Hazel Suitor, only two went on to create an individual set of eyes themselves.


Brother Sean


Tammy, the eldest had a decades-long relationship with Johnny. That resulted in the set of eyes attached to a girl that is growing into a young lady. Tamara is still young and learning through doing. Just getting out and enjoying life.
Sister Tammy
Niece Tamara


Todd, the baby of the family, met Bridget. They created a set of big Suitor-blue colored eyes, named Cameron. I haven’t met Cameron, yet. I look forward to that day.
13423784_1234194523258773_7914848190529120099_n (2)
Cameron and Todd


Many people are body conscious these days. I admit, as a child I did not know to accept a random comment from strangers as a compliment. I lost count at the number of times adults would say, ‘you have such big eyes’. This was not to only myself but to the other sets of eyes. The sets of eyes belonging to the four of us and eyes belonging to cousins, aunts and uncles on my dad’s side.
422155_368530263178514_410313110_n (2)
 A Cousin


420027_2342000489181_708713739_n (2)
A Cousin


17363_107868482557338_4039902_n (2)
A Cousin
1919603_106498196027700_5834533_n (2)
An Aunt


17363_107670209243832_755832_n (2)
An Uncle


17363_107670245910495_6077191_n (2)
An Uncle


17363_107756105901909_5275291_n (2)
A Cousin
17363_107867459224107_4655288_n (2)
A Cousin and An Uncle


In our youth, aunt Syl (Sylvia) would tell all us to not look at her with those ‘big Suitor-blue eyes’ to get our way. From that time on we all became proud of our big Suitor-blue eyes.

What does this have to do with writing and self-publishing children’s books? Well, it just explained the partial family tree of the writer in the shortest way possible.


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