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Escape Writing Rejection the Gluten Free Way

Another person’s blog post I find helpful and interesting.

Significant Anonymity

The signs on food packages and menus tell all: gluten free, paleo, dairy free. Or do they? I can’t count the number of times I’ve picked up a packaged food item and was disappointed because the label misled me.

Ever had that happen? Package writing needs to be clear, concise and complete. Ah, you see where I’m going with this?! As writers, we must be mindful of those three c’s: clear, concise and complete.

Writing is a craft. You’ve heard that.

Practice makes perfect. Yep, that one, too.

Unfortunately, rejection often comes before publication.

Recently on Twitter, I saw a literary post from Greyhaus Literary Agency, “Sometimes writing a rejection is tough. Authors try really hard and sometimes the writing is just not there!” @greyhausagency.

Assuming you’d like to avoid (another) rejection letter, how do you know when your writing is publish-ready?

Dare I mention it takes practice to…

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