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Bipolar Meltdown

(Another blog post by someone else. I like. This one hits home! Tina Harden)

Luke Atkins


I grudgingly write to you while being stormed on by a daunting, dark, opaque cloud of a mental affliction that has chafed every atom of my racing, unstable mind a trillion times a second every second for approximately 21,600 seconds (the last six hours, that is). The clouds come and go on a weekly basis—lots looming through lost, lonely, loud, long-lasting hours, while others unravel at light-speed with a trigger, only to end up biting the bullet(s) a mere second or minute later—but, while the marks and stains always find themselves etched away in the washing machine, their memories (both for me and for those whom I pull into such storms) never fade.

A trident yanked in and out of my chest at the speed of a full-throttle Boeing 747 as I wrote that paragraph, so please know that this post isn’t one of those boring, teen-drawing, you…

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2 thoughts on “Bipolar Meltdown

  1. It would be wonderful if more people, who are dealing with mental health issues, were as open and verbal about the disease as you.
    I deal with it on a daily basis but through a loved one. I look forward to reading more of your earlier posts.


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