Meet Cameron and Tigger the Tabby

My name is Tina Harden. I am writing a series of children’s books featuring my cat, Tigger. Tigger was in an unwanted litter of six kittens, that were in danger of being “put down”. I raised them until they were weaned. I found homes for all, but one. No one liked Tigger because he wasn’t considered “pretty”.


Tigger, still on the bottle.

I have a nephew, Cameron, whom I have not met. He is also an inspiration for my stories. I have a clean slate to work with here. I have not heard him speak and that gives me an ability to write and imagine hearing those words come from him.


My storylines will touch on many subjects, such as adoption/mixed families, respect for people in uniform, paying back your debts, disabilities, travel and many other subjects. It is my intention that children reading my books will learn something, without being told they are learning something.

The characters that aren’t family members will be shown in a method that allows Cameron to interact without being shy or scared. His imagination allows him to avoid being afraid. This is intended to be based purely in Cameron’s imagination, as he interacts with people. After all, a cat can’t talk unless you imagine it can talk. There will be different versions of the titles, in order to appeal to a variety of ages, and will feature a special font.

The special font that will be used throughout all aspects of my book series was developed in order to help people with dyslexia read and retain the words better. It is with great hope I am able to teach and enable the desire to read in children. If there is one side effect my books will have, I hope it is to encourage family time.

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