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POSHMARK As A Way to Earn a Bit of Money

I have stepped away from my Blog, Social Media, Goals, Hopes, and Dreams for a couple of years. I have used that time to pack everything I own and move to AZ. Lake Havasu City to be specific. The weather just can not be beat. It is beautiful year-round.

It rained 3 times within the first two years of living here. I don’t really count two of those times as actual RAIN since you could bump a rock and it would be dry all around and underneath.

I have been dealing with a ton and a half of issues and none of them seem to be good or uplifting in any shape or form. I have had to put a pin in writing and self-publishing my series of children’s books for these years.

I have decided to stop the fact my life has been circling the toilet bowl all these years and get myself back on track. I am setting a new goal. The goal is to BE HAPPY. Period.

I have listed some items for sale on Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay. I hope to sell a steady amount so I can squirrel away some money to help get back on track to pick up the writing and self-publishing dream.

I have to update that I closed the Poshmark and Mercari site.

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