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Dip, If You Must

Sometimes an affliction hits even the most well-cared for animals. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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The Golden Soup

Originally posted on koolkosherkitchen:
King Midas had a daughter called Marigold, and he loved her more than anything, and he wanted to give her the best, the finest, the fanciest, and the most expensive things in the world. That required lots of gold, and even though he had plenty, there is never a limit to…

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Bipolar Meltdown

Originally posted on NEORENAISSANCE MAN:
PART 1: I grudgingly write to you while being stormed on by a daunting, dark, opaque cloud of a mental affliction that has chafed every atom of my racing, unstable mind a trillion times a second every second for approximately 21,600 seconds (the last six hours, that is). The clouds…

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10 Tips for New Bloggers

(Another useful blog post by another person. I like. Tina Harden) Alexis Chateau Blogs first became popular when I was only a teen. At the time, most of us treated blogs like online journals to openly share mundane activities, or anonymously post our deepest and darkest secrets. Since then, blogs have grown to become much more… Continue reading 10 Tips for New Bloggers

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5 Awful Mistakes Bloggers Make

(Another useful post by someone else. I like. Tina Harden) Alexis Chateau Blogging isn’t rocket science, but it can certainly start to feel like it, as you struggle to find the magic formula that takes you from a handful of subscribers to hundreds of thousands. The truth is: there is no magic formula. Building a blog takes a… Continue reading 5 Awful Mistakes Bloggers Make