Let’s Hit the Links! 22 Marketing Resources

I am a content hoarder. I have a compulsion to collect links and screen shots to various hoards of information.

It is always my intention to revisit, re-read and learn from the links. (As of the date of this posting all links were current and functioning. If you find a bad one let me know and I will delete it.)

I am writing a series of children’s book and will self-publish them. As a result of my need for knowledge on certain subjects I have collected many resources. I do hope some or all of the links I provide will be of help to you.

I am aware that this type information is of no interest to many people, but my goal is to be a writer and publisher. Some of the links are tips to being a better or successful Blogger.

The links cover areas of Content, Marketing, Creative Writing, Publishing, Illustration, Formatting and Cooking.

I snag links to recipes and great cooking resources while I am trying to learn about writing. I fall into a rabbit hole of information some days.

This page is all about


An option for people not wanting to use WordPress http://rainmakerplatform.com/
Extensive list of sites to promote your eBook for free http://www.adweek.com/galleycat/free-ebook-promotion/53134?red=as
Also, a few new additions to this list of eBook promoting:
Site to promote printed book http://bookbongo.com/
Page 2 of Marketing links can be seen here 40 Tips and Resources to Market Your Self-Published Book

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