37 Tips For Creating a Successful Blog or Website

Everyone seems to have a blog(s) now. Some use it to make $100,000.00+ yearly incomes.

There are ones that use a blog as:

  • a soapbox and rant about anything that crosses their path.
  • a springboard to bigger and better things.
  • an artistic outlet for writing, photography, singing, creating, baking, or displaying artwork.
  • a way to mourn the loss of a loved one.
  • a showcase for their favorite pet.
  • a way to build upon and expand their social media footprint.

The last one is the main reason I created a blog. I am writing a series of children’s books and will self-publish them. I am using social media to make contact with people in these areas of business.

I like to see the little bread crumbs they leave. I find nourishment for my brain by picking up those crumbs that are in the form of free newsletter, free recipe, free webinar, free infographic in exchange for my email, usually.

It doesn’t hurt that these tidbit crumbs are free. I am extremely frugal and, by nature, am drawn to free content rather easily and often. I can take the simplest crumb of information and develop it for my own purpose and needs. I don’t need every detail laid out with photos in order to comprehend.

I collect links, infographics and screenshots of things I can use later. It is a habit now more than a necessity. I am parking my links here that pertain to creating a blog or website. These people want to help you be successful at it. So, some free tips are strewn about like bread crumbs. I scoop them up to scan through when I have time.

I’m sure most of the free tips are the same handful rehashed, recycled and redistributed. Either way, I hope there is something in here of use to you.

At the date of this posting all the links worked. If you find a bad one just let me know and I will delete it   🙂

Links For Creating a Successful and Appealing Blog or Website:

All inclusive help for WordPress blog issues https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Optimization
50 successful blogs in every category imaginable http://www.sparringmind.com/successful-blogs/
These individual words, when utilized within copy, headlines and calls to action, were most likely to capture the reader and score business.
– Suddenly
– Now
– Announcing
– Introducing
– Improvement
– Amazing
– Sensational
– Remarkable
– Revolutionary
– Startling
– Miracle
– Magic
– Offer
– Quick
– Easy
– Wanted
– Challenge
– Compare
– Bargain
– Hurry
Many marketers still rely on those power words when creating copy for advertisements. ( http://www.jeffbullas.com )
Option for people not wanting to use WordPress http://rainmakerplatform.com/

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