What does Tigger like to play with the most?

Tigger loves to rough-house with me while I wear a leather welding glove. It’s the only way to play and not hurt myself or get scratched.

FullSizeRender [1566628]
Tigger loves to rough house!

No fair, Tigger! Biting above the glove is cheating


What does Tigger like for a treat?

Tigger loves to snack, in moderation,  on fortune cookies, Lay’s plain chips, Captains Wafers, saltines, cauliflower and broccoli. He seems to have a passion for anything crunchy.

What does Tigger enjoy sleeping on most?

Tigger really is a sweet cat and enjoys getting on my husband’s shoulder and grooms/licks James’ hair. Tigger will do that for a few minutes and then “flop” onto his back into the cradle of my husband’s arms. He sleeps like that for as long as my husband can hold him. He acts like a baby at times.

Attachment-1 [1471652]
Loves to plop onto his back!

What does Tigger eat?

Tigger (and all the other cats in this household) eats a raw food diet. The meat is enhanced with supplements and a variety of things, such as fruit, vegetables, dried egg shells and (their favorite) pumpkin and/or refried beans.    

What does Tigger do that is too cute?

Tigger loves to chatter. At times it appears as if he is talking to you. He doesn’t purr or meow like most cats. He has a short, quick meow that sounds like he is asking “why?” when you talk back to him. He sticks his tongue out at times.

FullSizeRender [1566630]
Tigger sticks his tongue out at times.

FullSizeRender [1566627]
He doesn’t seem to realize he does it


What does Cameron like to watch multiple times?

Big Hero 6

What does Cameron choose to eat when asked?


CameronPizza (2)
Pizza and Mac & Cheese!


What does Cameron play with the most?

Legos. He enjoys having the company of stuffed animals at night. He loved staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel.

CameronLegos (2)
Cameron in the lobby of the LEGOLAND Hotel


Lego  13445785_1229139613764264_5856432672337269006_n (2)


What does Cameron wear a lot?

Anything blue. Sometimes he likes green, but prefers blue.

Cameron, in blue, posing with some cute wooden critters

What does Cameron take care of and is responsible for?

A black dog from the local animal shelter. Cameron named him Buddy.

13686508_1186623524715871_8953150288775825230_n (2)
Looks happy to have some finned friends!




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