Superheroes? I Was Raised by Diana Prince!


Diana Prince


Children always look at certain characters on TV as role models. That was true when I was a kid. Of course, TV has changed in a most dramatic way since I was a kid. Not for the better.

I admired Diana Prince, and by extension, Lynda Carter of the TV show Wonder Woman. She always had a warm smile that wasn’t faked or forced. She was just as pretty with glasses and her hair in a bun or without glasses and flowing hair. She had an effortless air of dignity and class about her.
Her voice was always soft and calming to hear. She may have hurt people out of necessity but never with intention and never used verbal abuse.
These characteristics also describe another lady with long dark hair, a warm smile and she wore glasses.
17363_107756222568564_2056955_n (2)
No glasses here, but look at the sparkling eyes and that smile!
This other lady always exuded grace and never raised her voice to me, my siblings or cousins.
17363_107670222577164_6539527_n (2)
There are the glasses, just like Diana Prince.


This lady, along with all my grandparents and mother, raised me.They earned my respect and admiration because of their individual work ethics and disposition.

13071725_1172791696065006_744640130427606261_o (2)
There is still a sparkle and warm, unforced smile!


So, no I wasn’t raised by THE Diana Prince, but I was raised by A Diana Prince type. I looked at my aunt Syl (Sylvia) as if she were Wonder Woman because that is how I saw her. I never told her, or anyone for that matter, I thought of her as a strong and beautiful superhero for raising all us kids that stayed over the summer breaks.
Syl still cares for children staying at random times and I assume all those kids see her as a superhero also.

2 thoughts on “Superheroes? I Was Raised by Diana Prince!

  1. Okay, you have made me cry. THANK YOU for this, I certainly don’t feel like much of a superhero, and have felt like a complete failure at times, but I have always felt honored to have been a part of all of your lives.. I never new you felt this way. I will always love you and all my babies. I have the utmost confidence in all of you and know that you can reach whatever goals that you each set for yourselves. Your books will be top notch sellers..


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